Carolina Safari Jeep Tours in Myrtle Beach

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Carolina Safari Jeep Tours is among the top things to do in Myrtle Beach, SC as it is one of the best ways to discover first hand all that this splendid beach area has to offer. During the tour that lasts about three and a half hours, guests will feel that they have become experts as they gain a wonderful overview of the extensive history, wildlife and beautiful nature of Myrtle Beach. Don’t worry that you might get bored spending more than three hours on this tour. The time flies by!

Carolina Safari Jeep Tours was begun by two naturalists with the wish to help locals and visitors experience the wonderful history and fascinating wildlife of the low country of Myrtle Beach. A Harvard University writer and a historian magazine photographer together have created a very appealing method of sharing that adventure in a way that is enjoyed and remembered by visitors of all ages and interests. The tour has been featured in numerous magazines around the country including Southern Living and Family Circle. Discovery’s Travel Chanel also did a focus on Carolina Safari Jeep Tours.

Carolina Safari begins your trip with hospitality as they offer to come to your Myrtle Beach hotel to pick up your group. The tours are conducted in 14-passenger stretch jeeps that have open sides and canvas tops in the summer. To provide more warmth in the winter, sides and a hard top are added. They are open seven days a week in order to accommodate the schedules of their guests.

Most visitors to Myrtle Beach enjoy many of the fun and predictable activities of a beach town, but the really fortunate visitors choose to go on the Carolina Safari Jeep Tour. They are the lucky ones that get to experience some of the very best that the Grand Strand has to offer. With very few exceptions, all those who take the tour feel that they have had a very meaningful and fulfilling experience.

Many stops allow passengers to get out of the jeep and walk around while having a hands on escapade through the area. An extremely knowledgeable tour guide always makes these tours special with a friendly and entertaining demeanor. Pride and care are taken in providing an accurate and fascinating history of the area.

Guests love to hear about the African Gullah culture, walk through a small castle and see the slave cabins. One of the favorite stops for many is the old graveyard from the civil war surrounded by ancient oak trees covered with hanging moss. You will certainly enjoy hearing the sad and romantic ghost stories while taking a stroll through this part of history. The rice fields are over 300 years old and still grow to this day. Guests never look at salt marshes the same after taking the tour. Kids will be hypnotized by the pirate and swashbuckler stories.

The wildlife is fascinating and filled with a vast array of both wading and shore birds. You could expect to see ospreys, cormorants, bald eagles, oyster beds and even alligators. Don’t worry, your tour guide will keep you safe from these captivating creatures.

The tour combines fun, history, scenery and culture into one very enjoyable package. When the tour is over, guests are always surprised at how much they enjoyed it. Parents, grandparents, teenagers and kids all enjoy the great stories of history and nature. This is a great activity to explore on your own, as a couple or with any size group.

Feel free to bring snacks and non-alcoholic drinks along with you. Several bathroom stops are made throughout the trip. Reservations are needed for the tours and you’ll probably want to bring your camera.

Scheduling this tour early on in your trip will definitely help you to more fully enjoy and appreciate the area during your visit. You’ll certainly look at Myrtle Beach a bit differently after this amazing Carolina coastal adventure with Carolina Safari Jeep Tours in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Carolina Safari Jeep Tours in Myrtle Beach, SC

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Phone: 843-272-1177

Carolina Safari Jeep Tours in Myrtle Beach, SC
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“Carolina Safari Jeep Tours in Myrtle Beach, SC offers a fun and unique way to experience the wonderful history and fascinating wildlife of the low country of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.”

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