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Fans of authentic Ethiopian fare are ecstatic that Redi-et Ethiopian Cuisine restaurant has opened in Myrtle Beach. Not only do they finally have access to this wonderful style of cooking, but the food more than exceeds expectations in quality, taste and even healthiness. Those who have eaten at some of the best Ethiopian culinary establishments in areas such as New York City say that Redi-et is as good if not better! This is an exciting addition to the dining options along the Grand Strand and it is the first authentic Ethiopian cuisine restaurant in South Carolina.

The owner of Redi-et is Sara. She came to Myrtle Beach with years of restaurant operation experience from her native home of Ethiopia. Upon her arrival in the Grand Strand, Sara noticed the lack of ethnic food and the total absence of her native cuisine. Her goal is to provide healthy Ethiopian choices with authenticity, excellent taste and service worthy of her customers. She does a great job of this, starting with making all the dishes herself from scratch.

Each of the dishes is served with a traditional Ethiopian bread known as Injera. This spongy bread, shaped much like a large pancake or flat bread, is made of teff, a high calcium grain that is also rich in fiber, protein and carbohydrates. One of the nicest pleasures of an Ethiopian meal is the display of fresh and colorful vegetables on top of the bed of Injera that welcomes diners with a beautiful presentation.

They have a large vegetarian menu with some delicious choices. Those who prefer meat as a part of their meal will also be pleased with great options that include beef, chicken and lamb. The long standing practice for eating Ethiopian food is by using the fingers of the right hand. Redi-et Ethiopian Cuisine encourages guests to follow this method by simply scooping up portions of food onto the Injera and eating it from the bread. Sara and her staff are more than happy to assist customers in choosing the dinner that suits their tastes from the vegetarian or meat choices to the mild, moderate and hot spices.

The three appetizer choices are wonderfully priced at only about $3 each. They include Shorba which is a delicious homemade vegetarian soup with potatoes, onions, carrots, tomato, garlic, ginger root and rice. The Salata, or salad, is tossed with homemade dressing and served with Injera. Timatim Fitfit takes bits of Injera and mixes it with fresh vegetables of tomato, green peppers, onions and fresh lemon juice.

The vegetarian dishes are guaranteed to be 100% vegan for those who follow this diet style. They come with two sides that are chosen from among the other vegetarian dishes which allows guests to try a variety. The Misir Wat has red lentils cooked with garlic, ginger root, onions and spices. The red chili pepper in this dish puts it in the spicy hot category. Cabbage Wat is a vegetable stew and Gomen has fresh collard greens with onions, garlic, ginger root and wonderful spices. The Shiro Wat has a medium heat level with sun dried peas and beans that are ground and cooked with red chili pepper. Many of us enjoy tasting several dishes when trying cuisine that is new to us. The Vegetarian Platter allows guests to do just that by choosing any three of the entrees. The more varied Vegetarian Sampler offers small portions of all the vegetarian entrees.

The Beef and Lamb meals come with two sides of Selata and a House Veggie-Mix. Those guests who prefer beef can have the stew of Kei Siga Wat or Minchet Abish with mixtures of ingredients like ginger, tomatoes, onions, spiced Ethiopian butter and spicy hot red chili pepper. The delicious Zilzil Tibs has marinated beef strips. Lamb options consist of two types of stew, one that has hot spices and other mild. The chicken entree is served with either the Selata or Veggie-Mix and Ayeb. Ayeb is a homemade fresh and crumbly cottage cheese that balances out the heat and flavor of the spicy dishes. For those who enjoy their food extra hot and spicy, ask for the Berbere, which is simply a homemade mixture of hot spices to add to the heat of your meal.

Once you order your food, bread with clarified butter and spices will be served. Try not to fill up on this tasty appetizer before you start on the main part of your meal. If you like coffee at all, be sure to end the meal with the Ethiopian Coffee that is said to be absolutely wonderful, much better than our most popular American brands. It is served fresh with a superb flavor and is presented in a very charming manner. The coffee is a soothing completion to a spectacular meal.

The portions are generous and the prices are pleasing. Entrees range from $7.50 to $9.95. Only the lamb dishes exceed that price at $11.45. In order to accommodate the kids and picky eaters, Redi-et does have hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken fingers, fries, onion rings and chips. Those sound especially boring and ordinary after the superb Ethiopian cuisine menu!

Redi-et Ethiopian Cuisine is closed on Mondays so make your plans to visit Tuesday through Sunday. They open for lunch each day at noon, except Sunday which is 12:30. Closing is at 9:30 pm daily, with 9:00 on Sunday.

Redi-et began its business at an out of the way location on Dick Pond Road in Surfside next to Baskin & Robbins. Those who found it usually did so by the hand made signs on the highway directing them to “Ethiopian Food.” As of the end of October, 2009, that location closed as Sara and her crew worked to reopen the restaurant in November at a more convenient location at 746 Main Street in Myrtle Beach.

Let all your friends and family know about this unique and excellent restaurant to help Sara get the word out to all of Myrtle Beach and the 65-mile Grand Strand. You’ll love everything about Redi-et from the unusual breads, tasty thick stews and vegetarian options to the wonderful hospitality and service. Freshness, quality and authenticity simply exude from all the foods. We have yet to find any comments or reviews about this culinary adventure that are less than exemplary. Bring everyone with you, young and old, to take part in a new and interesting dining experience while sharing in the culture of Sara’s Ethiopian home.

Redi-et Ethiopian Cuisine
746 Main Street
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

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