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The 100 acre lake at the Man O’War Golf Club in Myrtle Beach, SC helps to create a menacing game of golf for enthusiasts who choose to take on the challenge. Those looking for a tough, but fair game, will be enticed by this Myrtle Beach golf course. In 1996, Dan Maples, who has created some of America’s most exciting courses, launched what many have called a “War” with an arsenal of weapons. The central opposition of the course would be the unavoidable component of water.

The lake at Man O’War creates a welcoming and glimmering display of beauty for onlookers, but it can become a laborious obstacle for even the best golfer. From tee to tee, everywhere the eye can reach, water will be seen. If you’ll be flying in to Myrtle Beach, an overhead view of the course bestows an impressive sight. The greens and fairways appear as narrow islands floating in an ocean of water. All the holes except two have water, a fact that serves to intimidate even the most experienced player.

Regardless of all the water present throughout the course, some of the jitters diminish as each hole is approached with wide fairways. With the exception of just a few holes, the water is avoidable with some skillful shots. But take care even with the wide greens, as just the sight of all the gorgeous blue water can cause most to doubt their game. Leave your wild shots at home so you don’t hear the dreaded “plunk” of your ball being taken over by the opposing forces and landing in the water.

Maple’s layout requires varied skills as a course for golfers of all levels. Man O’War has a par of 72 with a course rating of 72.4. The slope is 130 and the yardage is 6,967. The course looks great and the grounds are very well maintained with beautiful Bentgrass greens which are quicker than most, so you’ll get more punch on the ball than many are used to. Be sure to take a few minutes to become familiar with the Bentgrass before setting forth towards your first battle of the day.

The back-to-back island greens and the island ninth hole are the most talked about events. Hole #14 is a 382 yard, par-4. It’s straightforward, however the green is on an island. With this challenge, many golfers tend to over or under compensate with a misjudged shot. All too often, they hear the dreaded “plunk” into the water. Hole #15, 173 yards and par-3, also has an island green, making these back-to-back holes a highly unusual feat. The layup shot on the 6th hole is a favorite of many. The irony of Man O’War Golf Club with all its water is that the most difficult hole of all is the 593 yard, par-5, 8th hole where water does not even come into play.

In the battle for par, this is a war that can be won. Fight by fight and hole by hole, the possibility is there. Every effort must be made on this course to not let the ‘thought’ of all the water get the best of you. The course itself is not that difficult. Just hit your shots as if the water is not even there, and you’ll do fine.

Price-wise, Man O’War Golf Club in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is one of the more moderately priced golf courses in Myrtle Beach. The marina-style rustic red clubhouse and the onsite practice range add to its appeal.

The Man O’War Golf Club

5601 Leeshire Boulevard
Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

Phone: 843-236-8000

The Man O’War Golf Club
Reviewed January 3, 2010 / 4 Stars
“Constantly voted among the best golf courses in Myrtle Beach, SC by both locals and visitors as a challenging and beautiful Myrtle Beach golf course.”

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